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"What's included in the evening set up?

What's the difference between the ACOUSTIC EVENING and  ONE MAN BAND EVENING packages?"

I have 2 options for evening setups, these are laid out below.

I highly recommend combing my evening live music with a DJ. I have tried and tested this and in my opinion it offers you and your guests the best of both worlds. 


Acoustic Evening Package

(Timings are approximate with 30 mins)

  • 2x45 mins of acoustic music featuring loop pedal, kick drums, vocal harmonies

  • Upbeat and designed to get the party started!

  • Timings

  • set 1 - 7:00 - 7:45pm as your guests arrive

  • First Dance - 8:00pm

  • Set 2 8:05 - 8:50 really upbeat to get the dance floor going!

  • DJ takes over 9-12pm

  • Full professional array sound system

  • Full access to the client portal to help with music choices

  • Full final telephone/zoom consultation  

  • First dance of your choice performed live and acoustic  

  • Add on lighting package if required


Deluxe Evening Package

(Timings are approximate)

  • 2x45 mins of live ONE MAN BAND! Huge, unique sound created using top of  the range loop pedals, live drums and custom made samples, guitars, bass and vocals all performed live to give that ‘FULL BAND’ experience but with just one musician!! 

  • 2 set times available

  • Standard: 8-10pm (15-30 min playlist music in the break )

  • Later: 9-11pm add £95 ( 15-30 min playlist music in the break )

  • Full professional 2K watt RCF line array sound system

  • Full access to the client portal to help with music choices

  • Full final telephone/zoom consultation  

  • First dance of your choice performed live and acoustic 

  • Add on lighting package if required

Sample of  lighting available

  • 2 x uplight moving head podiums

  • 4 x ADJ moving heads

  • 4 x LED Chauvet light sticks

  • Custom DMX light show

  • Room uplighting

Evening FAQs


Do you offer your own DJ service?

In short no. I did provide a full live music and DJ service all day package. I have stopped offering this now.


Why do you not offer and all night service?

 I felt it was negatively impacting my live performance. I am a singer and musician and this is my forte'. I want to give my best performance for my customers at all times. I have become so popular now that the long days and late nights after DJing will begin to take its toll on my voice and my body! I have decided to remove that from the equation now so I can focus on my live performance and my new  ONE MAN BAND! 

Aren't you a DJ?

I am/was! It is an art from and controlling a dance floor and a party is no mean feat! Performing live all day and night is very draining and to give 100% you have to be focussed. I feel two heads are better than one. Check out my DJ recommendations. Also some venues have house DJs so I'd go to them also to see what they have to offer, usually priced well!

What about even just a playlist in-between sets or after so I can fill the night?

Sorry, thats not what I do and I don't think you should either! I will offer some playlist music in my 30 min break but thats it. I have done 100s of events. I have seen it all. I will not offer a sub par package or performance. It's just not what I do. When it comes to weddings you shouldn't cut corners. You'll regret it! Get the best professionals in their respective fields to service your big day. I know some bands will offer a playlist service but that is sub standard. It will end up being some music played from a phone or a laptop on a table. This is no way a substitute for a professional DJ with years of experience and high end sound and light to wow your guests! I mean, if all you want at the end is a spotify mix you made that you absolutely LOVE then I wont judge of course! There is a place for everything. This is just not what I offer :)


TRUST ME my live music and a professional DJ works brilliantly! 

you get the best of both worlds and when the drinks are flowing, at the end of the night, a DJ is exactly what you need! I wouldn't have a band all night from 7-12! There isn't enough variation. The best parties I've done are with the live music and DJ combo. Its just brilliant! 

Also, so many venues now have sound limiters and don't lend themselves to big LOUD bands. 

"Below are some recommendations of quality professional DJs I can recommend. I am happy to work with your chosen DJ to help create the best night possible! "

Most of these guys I have worked with and the agents for nationwide bookings and a greater variation of talent are also worth getting in touch with. 


DJ Chris Lynes


Chester based 'super-star' DJ! Covers the NW region. The most reliable and professional DJ I have worked with. 30 years in the industry with 1000s of events under his belt. Worked alongside Paul Okenfold, John Digweed and Carl Cox in the past and is still putting on huge events with some superstar DJs! Equally at home in front of thousands as he is at a wedding!  

Wedding DJ

DJ Mike James


Chester based can travel Nationwide. Extremely experienced and an absolute master of the wedding dance floor! Great sound and light to suit all events. Another highly recommended DJ

Wedding DJ

Event Services Direct

DJ and events agent with a selection of DJs who also do a good line in photo booths

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